English Speaking: Spoken language is an invaluable means of everyday communication and conversation. This course identifies the differences between different types of speech through practical activities as well as voice quality, face and body language and the characteristics of successful conversation.

English Writing: The purpose of this module is to help students to successfully communicate their thoughts and ideas in written form.  The students will be taught the principles of English writing and the different kinds of writing. They will have the opportunity to improve their writing skills and form new ones.

English Comprehension: With this module, students will learn to probe beneath the surface of discourse and establish the function of what is said and will be able to recognize the grammatical and syntactical phenomena of what is being said. The understanding of a meaningful and unified text is clearly necessary for the easier comprehension of a foreign language piece of writing.

English Grammar: The subject is designed to develop the ability to communicate and write effectively and to familiarize students with business terms. The student will be encouraged to work in small teams to investigate the use of written business language.

English Essay: This module is fundamental to all academic subjects studies. Here the students learn how to analyze compositions, the technique of composition writing and how to use transitional expressions for linking ideas and paragraphs.